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We are proud to be a small, woman owned business with a focus on promoting confidence and beauty which makes women unique, a passion for travel and exploring new destinations and building a community of women who love to do the same.

RIVI, short for Riviera beach, expands way beyond the beach life. We are adventurous souls looking for the next opportunity to escape to a tropical destination, immerse ourselves in island life, or simply be sipping cocktails by the pool.

We strive for all of our designs to be meaningful, beautiful & full of adventure; like life is.

Our products are proudly made with love in the United states. We use only luxury fabrics that contour to your body and stretch for comfort to wear your swimsuit all day. The structure and minimal cut on our bikinis means the fabric won't roll, bunch up, or shift while you are wearing it. When your suit stays put you have the confidence to be active and move freely. 

The bottoms are key. The reason why we focus on minimal coverage and brazilian style bottoms: the fabric does not bunch up, roll, shift around while wearing it and we have never been a fan of the "diaper" look most bottoms have. There is an empowering feeling when you are in a minimal suit. You are embracing your body and it is a suit that stays put so you can move all day, wether it be exploring a secluded beach, surfing, snorkeling or wherever your next adventure has landed you.

The luxe fabric we use lets the suit contour to your body so it fits like a glove. It is not too thin and not too thick, just right for the comfort to last day and night.

We only order in small quantities which helps your suit be one-of-a-kind while minimizing our footprint on the environment. We are shifting to recycled fabrics and eco-friendly packaging without plastic because we want the world to be as beautiful for years to come as it is for us.



"They quality is really impressive and considering my boobs are really big. The top fits so nice and is very comfortable.  I want to order them all!" - Lindsey

"This bathing suit is f*cking amazing! I need all my bathing suits to fit this way." - Micaela

"I had a fantastic buying experience with RIVI. I discovered their sexy bikinis on Instagram, and was excited to support a small business. Fit was great, and I love wearing my RIVI bikini!" - Nadia